📽 My Projects

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✋ Hello and welcome !

I am Pico, a regular guy who spends his time working on little projects such as this one to master HTML/CSS. When I'm bored I mainly play video games and lurk on the web on old web sites. For fun I also design webpages and sometime publish them.

Sometimes for fun I practice urbex and play video games with my friends, although that's becoming more and more rare for the better or worse.

I am currently studying in France in a school which I won't cite for obvious privacy reasons. Just know that I am in the tech section of this school and it is that which brought me into the world of coding webpages

I try to learn the most than I can, for that I read E-Books that I find online which relate to programming. (Here is a good place to start !)

🌳 What I'm learning / What I learned so far

So far I've came to learn 3 things, HTML, CSS and how to google things online (or perhaps should I say "Searx things online"). It's been a long journey to learn these things already as they are vast subject and are the fundamentals of the web. So I made sure to master them rightfully

Then I started learning Javascript, and to this day I am still learning it. To practice my skills I have a website where I publish "tools" written in javascript.

I'm also learning Django and MySQL, after all if I want to excel in web technologies I probably need to learn these too. To practice on that I'm following a book that I found online

I used to code in Rust too but that was a long time ago and my skills in it never took off sadly.

📬 Contact Me !

You have numerous ways of reaching out to me !

You can contact me on Discord by adding me as a friend. My username is : sachamontecarlo#0815 (although this isn't my preferred way of contacts)

You can write an email to me, my email address is JohnPateMate@proton.me

You can also DM me on Telegram which is my preferred way of communication

🖥 My Computer and stuff

I currently am in possesion of two computers; one desktop and one laptop. I have had these computers for a few years now and I am very content by how they perform.

The laptop is a few years old and is quite frankly quite sluggish, with only 4GB of RAM and a dual core cpu this is bound to happen. But to circumvent this problem I simply use Linux with xfce as my DE. This makes it so that my OS uses very little RAM and uses very little energy when doing basic tasks.

So to simply browse the web my laptop is perfect. It was cheap when I bought it, it works fine and runs well with a light operating system and is sturdy.

Then there's my desktop, it's a ryzen 5 2600x paired with 12 gb of RAM and a nvidia gtx 1650 super. It performs really well for me and is more than enough for coding basic stuff online and browsing the web. I work on it on the daily and it serves as my main computer.